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It provides essential content for driving, such as traffic data of Korea and travel information for drivers.

  • traffic

    Real Time Traffic

    We fully support the driver's driving plan by providing real-time traffic conditions of roads across the country.

  • driving

    Patterned Traffic
    (Pattern speed data for each road)

    By using the pattern data of road congestion, it is possible to predict the future of the driving route, realizing an accurate arrival time, and supporting the suggestion of detour routes of the road.

  • mini map

    Mini Map Content

    The traffic conditions for each section of major roads across the country is provided as a graphic map. So you can easily understand the traffic conditions of the roads.

  • Road hazard

    Road hazard Information

    Hazardous factors such as accidents, construction, road closure, and bad weather are collected and processed on time, and the dangerous situation of the road ahead is quickly informed to the driver.

  • Speed Cameras

    Speed Cameras

    We support the safe driving of drivers by providing information such as speeding cameras on the road.

  • Parking lot

    Parking Information

    We relieve your parking stress by providing information such as the number of parking spaces, operating hours, and parking fees of the parking lot near the driver's destination.

  • gas station

    Oil Price Information

    We provide information on nearby gas stations and oil prices to help you save on gas fuel when your car needs to be refueled.

  • EV Charging Station

    EV Charging Station Information

    We solve your EV battery charging concerns by providing information on electric vehicle charging stations nationwide.

Traffic Analysis

Real time traffic conditions of roads can be processed for various purposes. These statistical data can be used as basic analysis data in various industries.

  • Insurance

    Analysis of insurance rates
    by region

  • Outdoor Advertising

    Advertising media effect analysis

  • Transportation policy

    Establishment of various transportation policies

  • construction

    Traffic impact assessment
    in civil construction sector

  • delivery

    Logistics efficiency analysis
    by route time

  • a numerical statement

    various other customized
    statistical data can be provided

Possessed technologies
  • Collection icon
    • Road N/W-based DB management, mapping processing
    • MINI MAP link linkage matching
    • Open LR interlocking processing
    • Real-time processing of large location information
    • Location information map matching, link matching
    • Big data mining/backup processing
  • manufacturing icon
    • Traffic data filtering
    • Smoothing, spatiotemporal correction
    • Big Data distributed processing
    • Real-time memory processing
    • Rotation speed, queue speed processing
    • Early detection of congestion information linked to traffic lights
    • Determination of congestion points
    • Create route duration
  • Provision icon
    • 1:N individual vehicle data transmission
    • Location-based traffic data provision technology
    • Customer-based customization
    • Traffic data analysis
    • Traffic impact assessment and report
    • Traffic data quality measurement experiment and evaluation
    • Traffic data real-time prediction
    • Real Time Traffic monitoring technology
  • tomtom logo

    • Real-time traffic data service

    • IP TPEG real-time traffic data and pattern information service
    • Real-time traffic data monitoring system
    • Heterogeneous traffic data integrated system

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    mbc logo

    • IP TPEG real-time traffic data and pattern information service

    more +

    • Overseas center OPEN LR linkage system
    • Traffic light linkage and congestion information early detection system
    • Congestion point identification system
    • Travel time analysis system
    • Queue creation system
    • Traffic data collection & processing & providing center development

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    • Overseas center OPEN LR linkage system

    more +

    • Traffic data real-time dynamic prediction system
    • Q-Bench quality evaluation system
    • Reverse Trajectory Generating System

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    FORMAX traffic data Research Institute logo

    • Traffic data real-time dynamic prediction system

    more +

    • Real-time parking information service platform
      (Connected Car)
    • Real-time parking information collection system
    • Real-time parking information service (mobile, web)
    • Seongdong-gu real-time parking information service (web)

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    forparking logo

    • Real-time parking information service platform (Connected Car)

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